December 5, 2011

A Little About Me


Kyle Fordrung is a freelance videographer, editor and multimedia designer with a penchant for the fantastical.

He was born in Poughkeepsie, NY, on the banks of the Hudson River, but spent most of his life in the Adirondack region of upstate New York, where he quickly developed an affinity for the woods and mountains.

After high school, Kyle decided that pizza delivery was not his true calling, and was accepted to SUNY Fredonia where he earned two Bachelor’s Degrees in Digital Film Production and English Literature. When not making videos or designing websites, Kyle can be found hiking, snowboarding, singing in Irish Gaelic (seriously), and swinging his sword in his medieval reenactment society.

He currently lives in Utah with his wife, Arvilla, their shoe-eating dog Riley, and a beautiful baby daughter named Avoreen.



[two-third title=”Experience”]

Videographer / Editor

Freelance (2011-Present)
Independently produce and edit videos for a wide range of clients. Projects include weddings, live music performances, art gallery exhibits, event videography, sports and corporate promotional videos.

Multimedia Specialist (2011-Present)
Responsible for the production and integration of all video and multimedia content on the e-commerce website. Duties include video production and post-production, lighting and chromakey, animation, motion graphics, and graphic/web design.

Marketer / Audio Editor

ReVocalize (2010)
Responsible for the experimentation, testing and improvement of telephone sales campaigns, as well as the editing and improvement of audio and voice-over samples.

Video Production Intern

Big Face Entertainment (2010)
Responsible for the direction, coordination and planning of cameras and lighting for the production of a music video produced by the record label. Worked closely with musical artists, actors and fellow crew members. Additional responsibilities included storyboard illustration, prop construction and makeup art.[/two-third][one-third  last=”true” title=”Creative Powers”]


Video Post-Production

Color Grading


2D Animation

Graphic / Web Design





[one-third title=””]Software-Ninja[/one-third][two-third last=”true” title=”Software Ninjitsu”][per-cont][per-bar title=”Premiere Pro” color=”#993366″ percentage=”95%”][per-bar title=”Final Cut Pro” percentage=”85%”][per-bar title=”After Effects” percentage=”65%”][per-bar title=”Photoshop” percentage=”85%”][per-bar title=”Illustrator” percentage=”75%”][per-bar title=”Wordpress” percentage=”85%”][per-bar title=”HTML / CSS” percentage=”60%”][/per-cont][/two-third]


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